Members Statement: On the Recent Stabbing at a CAF Recruitment Centre in Toronto


Member's statement read on March 21st, 2016 about the stabbing of two members of the Canadian Forces at a recruitment centre in Toronto

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Member's Statement: Welcoming Syrian Refugees in Scarborough-Guildwood


Sharing the amazing work residents of Scarborough - Guildwood have done to welcome Syrian refugees in the House of Commons.

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Toyota Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Canada


Toyota employs 24,000 Canadians and has a strong environmental record. In the House of Commons, Mr. John McKay thanked Toyota for its fifty years of investment in Canadian industry.

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John's Statement in the House on Pope Francis's encyclical on climate change


"Mr. Speaker, Pope Francis has just released his encyclical on climate change. Over the centuries great prophets have denounced injustice and spoken truth to power, often at great personal risk..."

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QP: Conservative's Climate Targets are "Deceptive & Delusional"


Click above to read John's latest Question Period question to the government on its emissions reduction targets.

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Liberal MP John McKay introduces bill to ban the bead


'Ban the Bead' Bill amends Food and Drug Act to prohibit sale of personal care products containing microplastics

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QP: Conservatives fail to keep pace with U S on emissions reductions


John questions the Conservative government over its failure to keep pace with the United States on GHG emissions reductions as they promised to do.

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John McKay's House of Commons Speech on Euthanasia


Liberal Opposition Day Motion

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QP: On "Feds pay $180K to run mining counsellor's office, with no counsellor"


Click above to read John's questions to the Conservative government asking why they spent $180,000 of taxpayers money to keep an essentially vacant office open for PR purposes.

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Statement in the House on National Adoption Month


Click above to read John's statement in the House of Commons raising awareness of National Adoption Month in Canada.

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QP: John Questions Tories on Environment Commissionerís Scathing Report


John questions the Conservative governmentís lack of progress on reducing climate change-causing GHG emissions

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Speech on the Situation in Iraq & Canadaís Military Involvement


Hear Johnís speech on the situation in Iraq, ISIS, and the Liberal Partyís opposition to a military mission.

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Honouring a Canadian Hero: Major (ret'd) Robert Firlotte


Click above to read John's tribute in the House of Commons for retired Major Robert Firlotte, veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal by John in 2012.

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QP: John Questions Tories on Why PM Won't Attend the 2014 UN Climate Summit


Click above to read John's recent question on why Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to attend the 2014 United Nationa Climate Summit in New York City on September 23rd.

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QP: John takes Tories to task over deficit and short-changing Ontarians


Click above to read.

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