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VIDEO: The Role of Religion in Public Discourse, McGill University


Click above to see John's speech at Canadian Council of Churches "The Role of Religion in Public Discourse" Conference at McGill University, May 27, 2013

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Text of John's Speech at Dalhousie University "Citizens of the World: Canada and the Challenges of Global Politics in the 21st Century"


This is the text of John's speech given at Dalhouse University on Friday March 8th, 2013 focusing on Canada and the challenges of global politics in the 21st century.

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John McKay Delivers Speech on his "Better Aid Bill at the United Nations


Read John McKay's op ed published on in advance of his speech at the United Nations 2012 Development Cooperation Forum of the Economic and Social Council in New York City

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John McKay on Income Inequality


Click above to read John McKay's speech supporting Liberal Finance Critic Scott Brison's motion calling on Parliament to tackle the issue of growing income inequality in Canada.

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Speech on House of Commons Debate on Coptic Christians in Egypt


Click above to read John McKay's speech in the House of Commons on Coptic Christians in Egypt on October 27, 2011.

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John McKay's Speech on Suicide Prevention


Watch John McKay;s moving speech in the House of Commons on the Liberal Party's Motion on a National Suicide Prevention Strategy on October 4th, 2011. The Motion passwed with near unanimous consent.

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John McKay’s Speech to the Primate’s World Relief & Development Fund Ottawa


Click above to read John's speech at the Primate’s World Relief & Development Fund Conference in Ottawa in which he discusses the uncertainty international aid groups face under the current government when applying to help the worlds poor.

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Speech to Mining Industry Representatives Addressing Criticisms of C-300, April 15, 2010


Click to read the full test of the speech by Hon. John McKay PC, MP at the National Club in Toronto to mining industry representatives addressing their concerns regarding his private member's bill C-300 (the Responsible Mining Bill).

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Speech on C-293 at the Queen's U. Foreign Policy Conference


Hon. John McKay P.C., M.P. speech at the Queen's University Foreign Policy Conference on the government's failure to implement C-293, Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Hon. John McKay PC, MP Speech to the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation on Bill C-293 - Canmore, Alberta, Sept. 19, 2009


Hon. John McKay PC, MP speech at the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation AGM on the government's delayed implementation of his Private Members' Bill C-293, now The Development Assistance Accountability Act.

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Hon. John McKay PC, MP Speech to the Welland Liberal Riding Association


On July 18th 2009, Hon. John McKay PC, MP was invited as the senoir member of the Standing Committee on Finance to speak to the Welland Liberal Riding Association about the state of the economy and the fiscal mismanagement of the Conservative government.

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Hon. John McKay PC, MP Speech at the Queen's University Gow Lecture Series, April 24, 2009


I might call this lecture the tale of three Private Members’ Bills and the real opposition to Parliament. I have had the good fortune to present three Private Members' Bills to Parliament – two of which have received Royal Assent and the third is now before the Foreign Affairs Committee having passed its vote in principle last Wednesday by the narrowest of margins. The chances of getting Royal Assent vary between slim and none so I have been very, very fortunate. While I propose to focus on C-293, each in its own way is instructive on how a bureaucracy deals with ideas not initiated by them...

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Christian Legal Fellowship Keynote Speech, November 21, 2008


Keynote Speech Given by the Honourable John McKay PC, MP at the Christian Legal Fellowship Annual Christmas Banquet, Laurentian Leadership Centre, Trinity Western University, Ottawa

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Hon. John McKay PC, MP Address on Multiculturalism to the Pure Gospel Church in Scarborough, December 27, 2008


"We are here tonight celebrating a “Multicultural event.” We think of multiculturalism as a new concept. In fact, there is nothing new about multiculturalism. The concept of peoples, tribes and nations is the ancient forerunner of multiculturalism. It is spoken of in the Bible multiple times from Genesis to Revelations..."

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Canadian Identity After 36 Years of Official Multiculturalism


Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, Fifteenth Prime Minister of Canada, was a charismatic figure who, from the late 1960s until the mid-1980s, dominated the Canadian political scene and aroused passionate reactions. Whether one is a Trudeau admirer or a critic, few would dispute that Trudeau was a towering figure who helped redefine Canada. At a recent event at the Scarborough Civic Centre (Pierre Elliott Trudeau Memorial Library and Cultural Centre) commemorating on the seventh anniversary of Trudeau's passing, read the tribute to this legendary figure given by your Member of Parliament, the Honourable John McKay, P.C., M.P. (Scarborough-Guildwood).

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