John McKay M.P. on CTV's Business News Network


John McKay M.P. talking about Bill C-300 on Business News Network.

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MP John McKay welcomes support of Tanzanian Foreign Minister for his Responsible Mining Bill - C-300


click to read the comments of Bernard Membe, Foreign Affairs Minister for Tanzania, which appeared in Canada's Embassy Newspaper regarding John McKay's Private Member's Bill, C-300.

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John McKay MP Lambasts Shut Down of Parliament by PM


Hon. John McKay MP blasts the Prime Minister's decision to prorogue Parliament, stalling key legislation including his Bill C-300. Click above to read the article from the Catholic Register

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Documentary on Bill C-300


Click above to watch a short documentary video on John McKay's Bill C-300 and hear from some of the MPs who support it.

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Letter to the Editor in Support of C-300, Whitehorse Yukon


Click to read a letter sent to news outlets in Whitehorse, Yukon by a supporter of John McKay's Bill C-300.

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United Steelworkers support Bill C-300


Follow the link to read comments on Bill C-300 from the United Steelworkers and why they are urging Members of Parliament to support the bill.

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Amnesty International Chief on C-300 in the Ottawa Citizen


Follow the link to read comments on Bill C-300 in the Ottawa Citizen by Amnesty International Chief

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Amnesty International's Graham Allen on Bill C-300


"Bill offers Canada chance to deal with concerns raised by mining abroad" by Graham Allen in, the Vancouver Online News Source

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Supporters of C-300


Individual Canadians are not the only ones indicating their support for John McKay's Private Member's Bill, C-300. Over 30 different organizations from Canada and around the world have written in to add their support for this Bill. Click above to read the full list. **If your group or organization wishes to be included in the list, please let us know by emailing

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What Canadians are Saying About C-300


Click above to read letters from Canadians across Canada in support of John McKay's Bill C-300

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C-300 Petition


Thank you for those of you who have already sent letters in support of C-300, if you would like to do more there is a petition available for signing to indicate your support for this bill. You can simply download it from the link below, collect at least 25 signatures and addresses, and then submit it to your Member of Parliament. This is a great way to raise awareness and indicate your support for Bill C-300!

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Report on C-300 by Professor Richard Janda


Click above to read a report on Bill C-300 prepared by Professor Richard Janda of the McGill University Law School.

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Hon. John McKay PC, MP Seconds Bill C-441 on Corporate Social Responsibility


Click above to read the press release on Rob Oliphant's Private Members' Bill C-441 requiring pension funds to disclose environmental, social or governance considerations in investing, seconded by Mr. McKay.

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Hon. John McKay PC, MP meets with Mr. Andrés Recalde, Confidence Enabler in CSR Mining Consultant, July 16, 2009


Please visit the Gallery

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Hon. John McKay PC, MP Response to National Post Article on Bill C-300


John McKay reponds to criticism of Bill C-300 in the National Post article Trojan CSR (Published: Saturday, June 27, 2009)

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