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John McKay to attend Climate Summit of Americas


Liberal environment critic John McKay, MP for Scarborough-Guildwood, will be attending the Climate Summit of the Americas tomorrow in Toronto.

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John's Statement in the House on Pope Francis's encyclical on climate change


"Mr. Speaker, Pope Francis has just released his encyclical on climate change. Over the centuries great prophets have denounced injustice and spoken truth to power, often at great personal risk..."

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John McKay in the National Post: "Getting real on GHG cuts"


"After Parliament rose for a weeklong recess on May 15, Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced Canada’s new GHG target for 2030: a 30 per cent cut in annual emissions compared to 2005 levels. She described the latest goal as 'fair and ambitious...'"

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John McKay's Statement on World Environment Day


“Canada’s natural environment is a vital part of who we are as a country. After a decade of neglect under this Conservative government, it is time for change."

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QP: Conservative's Climate Targets are "Deceptive & Delusional"


Click above to read John's latest Question Period question to the government on its emissions reduction targets.

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Liberal MP John McKay introduces bill to ban the bead


'Ban the Bead' Bill amends Food and Drug Act to prohibit sale of personal care products containing microplastics

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QP: Conservatives fail to keep pace with U S on emissions reductions


John questions the Conservative government over its failure to keep pace with the United States on GHG emissions reductions as they promised to do.

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The Conservative Budget 2015 Is 500 Pages of Climate Change Denial


"It's been obvious for years that climate change is not a priority for this government, but to produce a 518 page document that is the basis for the Conservatives' next election platform and not mention the existential threat of the century is truly appalling..."

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BLOG: Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue - The economic case for renewable energy


If the Prime Minister were here, he would have heard about hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created around the world in the renewable energy sector.

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Press Release: John McKay Attends Global Energy Conference in Germany


At the invitation of the German Embassy in Ottawa, John McKay is participating in the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue – Towards a Global Energiewende conference in Berlin as the Environment Critic for the Liberal Party of Canada. The event is taking place from March 26-27 and is in preparation for the COP21 Paris conference happening in December.

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BLOG: Visiting Germany's Clean Energy Sites


At the invitation of the German government, John McKay and other Canadian representatives have spent the last few days touring Germany's renewable energy initiatives. Here are his thoughts on the week so far.

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HuffPo: How Long Will Minister Aglukkaq Ignore the Problem of Endangered Species?


"My colleague Dr. Kirsty Duncan is not only an accomplished scientist, marathoner, writer, highland dancer and MP; it seems she may also be a prophet. Two years ago, my predecessor on the Environment file, predicted that the Harper Government would gut the Species at Risk Act (SARA)..."

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This election should get serious about climate change--Hill Times


"Surely the starting point for appropriate enviro-economic policy is to hedge your bets by treating all regions and industries equally so that the inevitable market swings don’t derail the entire country. While it may be good for Harper’s politics to sacrifice one region’s prosperity for another, it is lousy economics and morally reprehensible..."

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What Would Warren Buffett Do With Canadian Assets?


Click above to read John's latest article that appeared Huffington Post Business entitled: "What Would Warren Buffett Do With Canadian Assets?"

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QP: John Questions Tories on Environment Commissioner’s Scathing Report


John questions the Conservative government’s lack of progress on reducing climate change-causing GHG emissions

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